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Russian Federation

Among the Russian artists of the Wanderers is remarkably pure stands Vasnetsov, in his own childhood joy. As in other words will convey the tremendous attraction to the popular fairy tales, and not foreign, but only our people, or close to them tales of our writers? Only they – the creator of the picture can […]

Business Development

Stuffed his forehead, they become first Arthur, after Ford, well, lucky enough … Presidents 'real' entrepreneur will find his own way. The main thing, "Do not lose your towel …" corrects bag – slipping! "Vaughan is not born Vaughan becoming "- AS Zhdanov. Vaughan. No cars, and Vaughan. To know more about this subject visit […]

Customer-Contractor Relationship

Adapting the story of Michal Mikhailovich Zhvanetsky. A little altered in the IT way. The text is as close to the original. Rookie Alexander adapted the 'little fool' or the relationship between customer and contractor in the development of Software Somewhere far away, there are two companies … One, as usual, the company-client software, and […]


The greatest of all condottieri Bartolomeo Colleoni is considered, which is famous as the commander of land forces of Venice. Colleoni was a native of Bergamo and, incidentally, before he was hired by the Venetians, he managed to make war against them in the service of Milan. It is now part of the military from […]

Construction History

"If the bridge collapse was dying woman, the wife executed the master of the bridge, and so on" – says Courbet one of its construction history. Besides, who are sufficiently versed in bridges, and enough of their free time to tie the stylized drawings of bridges on the euro banknotes to the real European structures. […]

Artists Ruslan Tsrimova

Why is that? – I can not say for sure, there is a God or not. After all, no one returned from another world and not talking about meetings with him. However, if it exists, would like to represent in front of him, frankly, that to do good deeds, someone is helped by our sinful […]

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