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Institutional Investors

Institutional investor RiskOfficeMaio of 2005Existem reasons to believe that the maintenance of some identified trends already in the Brazilian economy must demand deep revision of the politics of investment of the institutional investors, whose execution offers to great challenges and chances for its administrators and participants. The continuity of the growth of the resources mobilized […]

Government Market and Vigil

After trying the obsession for the liquidity (alive money always in the pockets), to embark in the wave of post-dated checks, now it seems to be the hour of the plastic money. The year of 2008 was marked by the explosion of the use of the card of debit and the fall of the use […]

Leader Elas

Elas, that has been penalized by the lack of speed end in its Moriwaki, maintains like leader with 16 points of advantage on Swiss Tom ample Luthi and until the 34 points the classified distance with third, the Spanish Julian Simn. The pilot of the insurances motorcycle cheap AMV Toni Elas has concluded in villa […]

The Valuation

When very next to the expiration and being the option much ITM the VE tends to be null and the valuation or depreciation of the option folloies very of close the one it active object, says thus yes, that the option has high delta. Option of purchase at-the-money, ATM, in this type of option the […]

Structure Evidence

The main indices are: Indices of structure or indebtedness. Liquidify ratios or solution. Indices of average stated periods. Indices of yield or profitability. 3.3.ndices of Structure Evidence the degree of indebtedness of the company in result of the origin of the capital invested in the patrimony. It shows to the existing ratio between the proper […]

Brazil Propaganda

For a majority influenced for the propaganda, as in Brazil, cellular telephone, more than its useful mobility, it is symbol of social acceptance, it identifies the one that classroom if wants to belong. The propaganda not only vende goods and services, vende inlaid marks that load vision politics and optics of development, interests economic politicians […]

Globalization In The Financial Market

Due to globalization and the necessity of a customer to be taken care of in diverse different places, the old scene of the financial institutions was modified. Some decades behind existed institutions that local mounted its structure without the concern with the expansion for other countries or the attendance its customers in other localities, therefore […]

National Governments

' What we make for necessity, we must make to seem that fizemos&#039 was for will ours that; '. (Maquiavel) years 70 had marked the necessity of if rethink the standards of consumption and production that impactavam the environment directly causing its deterioration. Face the reinforcement of the ambient movements in the years the 80 […]

Managemental And Financial Aspects Of The Administration In Latin America

Management and Financial aspects of the Administration in Latin America For: Amaury Jose Bonatto The Region understood for the countries of Latin America, since the parents more to the North of Latin America, Mexico ties the South with Argentina and Chile, very possess peculiar characteristics how much to the management of business-oriented organizations. Especially, had […]

Financial Stabilization

In turn, president Sarkozy declared that ' ' euro is an essential element of the Europe and affirmed that it could not be in the hand of especuladores' '. Day 16 of May of 2011, the Portugal was to the time of the ministers of the finances of the Euro Zone had officially approved the […]

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