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Urban ProJovem emphasizes the development of the subjectivity of the young and its capacity to think and to act with autonomy. Obviously, the educator must incorporate these new interlocutors to its process of construction of its professional identity, also investing in the development of its proper autonomy. The conduction of the carried through works inside […]

Virtual Meeting

The teacher acts as a "Provocateur." Virtual Meeting – students can ask questions to a well-known personality. For example, a Nobel Laureate. Virtual meetings can be conducted with the help of the forum, chat or video conference. Consultation. Can be conducted via e-mail, the forum or chat, in which case the instructor assigns a regular […]

INES Institute

The four periods of training identified in such countries do not seem to be printed in Brazilian reality (MENDES, 1995; DECHICHI, 2001). The phase of the recklessness or omission, that can be observed in other countries until century XVII, in Brazil can be extended until the beginning of the decade of 50. According to Mendes […]

Russian Federation

English language skills can increase your future wages at times, because the language is indeed very popular. However, as one very good person to learn English in school is unreal! Indeed, this established in almost all conditions: few hours on most Russian schools for studying foreign languages, teachers can not always control how well a […]

Federative Republic

The emphasis biggest will be given the carried through qualitative research from the DSC, that according to Lefvre (2003) ‘ ‘ it is a meeting in one alone homogeneous speech-synthesis written in the first person of the singular of expressions key that has in the same central idea or ancoragens’ ‘ has as objective to […]

How To Improve Your Work Situation

buWhy so many people unhappy in their work situation? Why people do, who are successful in a career, having hard times to meet your new career? These problems frequently occur, because conflicts exist in their relations. The relationship between you and your work can be considered as "games of work." The games have basic rules […]

Transforming Pedagogical Trends

Although to possess a vision of Pedagogia Banking, called and criticized for Pablo Freire (where the professor deposits in the pupil the knowledge without taking in consideration its social reality); this is transforming, for presenting the school a function politics to democratize education with the objective of if having a democratic and igualitria society, through […]

Federal Success

The process of the inclusive education catches the deep one in this parameter, according to Federal constitution of 1988 that it chooses in its articles the right to the citizenship and the right of the people the dignity, the right of the good of all, and this includes not to have preconceptions to the race, […]

Language Schools

You set out to learn a foreign language and decided to find a language school for this? Today I'll tell you why this is not the best solution. You know a lot of people who are fluent in at least one foreign language? Certainly, unity, and those – your teachers at school or college, ie, […]

Click Here

There are things bad and good to say about the sites that offer one membreca to obtain access to a listing of remunerated surveys. Much people think that once pays one membreca to a site of paid surveys they will have access to secrets and that they will be part of the elite of the […]

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