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Glutamine In Bodybuilding

What benefits does glutamine really for a bodybuilder? Glutamine is the amino acid that is quantitatively the strongest in the cells and into the bloodstream and is classified as a non-essential amino acid. The body can manufacture so independently glutamine synthetase glutamine demand from glutamic acid and the enzyme. This ability of the own production […]

South Beach Diet

Is bodybuilding without carbohydrates that possible? After decades long promoted, you should just not so much fatty food, is instead more carbohydrates on the plate Pack, seems to be currently the trend, to do exactly the opposite, be deleted precisely these carbohydrates and as possible on everything what has to forgo carbohydrates. The noodles are […]


More and more athletes access to caffeine – why this is so? Caffeine is the now the most commonly used psychoactive substance in the world and belongs to the everyday life of a majority of the Western population mostly in the form of coffee, tea or Cola drinks, and energy drinks. Especially the invigorating and […]

Mass Building Phase

The mass building diet is just as important as the regular training with heavy weights. Bodybuilders often require a great deal of muscle mass. Especially in the mass building phase, it is therefore extremely important that the diet is adapted to the training plan. The body requires a different level of nutrients than during the […]

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