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Liberating Movement

For such briefings, let us observe the historical source: Party of the Hontem freedom for occasion of the session of the managing advice of the redentora league, had congregated if some members of the society that ahi had made for diverse forms to commemorate the great fact asked for of abolition, presented to the parliament […]

San Francisco

The privilege of being recognized as Real Village had – to the good economic conditions, happened of the ticket installed in the town, transformed it into true port, as occurs the Juazeiro. However, the urban povoamento of Cabrob only had beginning in the half of century XVIII, approximately of 1790 the 1830, period where the […]

Regional Meeting

They had recorded in the seminary a K7 ribbon that would be sung in the party of the black beauty and afros celebrations until our days. One of the visited houses, received the group that sang some musics, for the young Francimar, Francimeire and Rosa. To the few the group was if articulating the NorteNordeste […]

Blanco Party

The country became the state-drain plug between Argentina and Brazil and per years suffered with fights between blancos and colorados and caudilhescas clutters. A certain internal pacification occurred with its insertion in the capitalist context, as exporting farming of cereals and cattle producer. This process if sped up when the State isentou of taxes the […]

National Curricular Parameters

The monograph consists of a book of the pupil, with texts and activities and a supplement for professor, with strategies of production of knowledge, avaliativos instruments and resources and metodolgicas orientaes, as subsidy for the work in classroom. The Didactic Book of History for 6 year of Basic Ensino has for objective to reach the […]

Mediterranean Space

For what the wings of the historian, as the ones of this bird without eira nor side, the cuckoo, must be free to take it to shock eggs of the nests that can bring futures to the past Fernando Catroga the analysis of the Mediterranean and the mediterrnico world at the time of Philip II, […]

Edwin Aldrin

Another problem faced for Soviet the age of pecuniary order. To develop the power of its launching rocket the subtilities of the project and the complex systems of communication and orientation that would allow the Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin to become the first men to walk in the Moon, the North Americans were investing […]


Already as to be it is a type of being crdulo, it did not witness nothing, but on the basis of what it heard, in the certification of others, it formed an opinion, it believes that something of is determined form, and this happen-testified, receives for it the true and absolute status of. The conflict […]

Campina Experimental

No longer year of 1992 prefeiturapercebendo the situation where if it found the building, it decided desapropri-loficando the year of 1993 closed one which had the judicial battle between the city hall and oirresponsvel enterprise group. Having the gained city hall causajudicialmente it was initiated in 1997 the workmanships of I restore of palacete on […]

Japanese Community

Finishing for if becoming one of the great taboos (until the present) of the Japanese community consolidated here. At the beginning of April of 1946 policemen politics they had made a stroke in the central headquarters of the Shindo, in the quarter of the Jabaquara, the So Paulo capital. There they had arrested, without no […]

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