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Mosaic Work

For gluing the mosaic is recommended to apply adhesive to an area of 1 m2. Apply the adhesive to the surface is as follows. First, the smooth side of the trowel, apply the material on the wall, it promotes its uniform application to the entire surface. Then more accurately distribute the glue the toothed side […]

Tie Rod Construction

In the port of hydraulic engineering is constantly applied berthing facilities in the form of thin walls with facial components, can serve as an example, revetment of a metal or concrete dowel of corner wall, etc. This is the most cost-effective and technologically simple construction. In addition, civil and industrial construction have also found application […]

Building With Concrete Products

As learning a foreign language is impossible without knowledge of the alphabet, so any modern construction is unthinkable without the use of concrete products. jbi vary in scope. Since the construction sewerage, drainage, drainage structures used trays of reinforced concrete, for the laying of heating cables and channels the urban grid – no-go channels. Reinforced […]

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