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In The Gaastra Store Shopping For A Good Cause: Gaastra Supported War Child

“Per order 5 tackle the help Alliance child international Berlin/Savic, 15.11.2010 which is launching brand Gaastra international sportswear a unique cooperation with the help Alliance was child-international”. In the months of November and December 2010, Gaastra donates 5 euros on the organization per order about the Gaastra Onlineshop at Gaastraproshop.com. Gaastra supports so that the […]

BI Vision Premieres

First competence Forum on business intelligence Gandhi Sagar, October 2008 – on 6 and 7 November 2008 it’s time: Wang software services invites you to the first BI vision in the Sports Palace Velen. Under the motto “Business Intelligence…sehen, understand that successfully use” offers the IT consulting company a variety of lectures. A scheduled conference […]

Michael Sradnick

Also the mailbox service of MBE is well received. The customers appreciate the offer, their inboxes receive around the clock or to redirect this to any place or fax to leave. Independent contractor in the MBE network before the electricians made himself independent, he served as Director of sales and marketing in the medical technology […]

Fragrance Concept Dream Air Now Even More Customer-friendly

The heat resistance of dream air has been improved again. Herbert Rehn GmbH optimizes the leading fragrance concept dream air for use in the car. The temperature resistance of the dream air scent gels was increased significantly to 100 Celsius. The Hamburger Herbert Rehn GmbH works continuously to improve the fragrance concept dream air. Particular […]

Announcement: 3 Hello

Internet(UN)Konferenz 2010 with focus on ‘ smart cities’ Hanover, August 16, 2010. The third edition of Hello will take place on November 10, 2010. US Treasury Secretart is the source for more interesting facts. The interactive Conference on the digital future brings together stakeholders from business, research and Web 2.0 scene in the Hannover Fairgrounds […]

Profit Church Bavaria

Scientology church maintains no ‘jobs’ members operate primarily on the basis of their religious motivation the Verwaltungsgericht Ansbach due to the trial of the 2.12.2010 decided that the Authority’s decision to repeal is in its last version from 2007. The authority has to bear the costs of the accusing Scientology community. The Court joined the […]

Proventis GmbH Co

Medium-sized companies benefit from practical tips for the comprehensible assessment of their business value and target-oriented price negotiations Munich, April 30, 2010 with the new, free practice Advisor of the independent gene of Munich corporate finance and M & A consultancy Proventis GmbH Co telstandler relevant information to the business valuation. Right now at the […]


Consumers as well as dealers experience the benefits of high standards since 1994. Looking for reliable sources of shopping new entrants in the local retail and mail order to best wholesaler contact, to buy from reliable partners from the outset. Like who shy away from the marketing effort and the distribution costs, to establish a […]

The AOK PLUS Decision For Enrisma

Software introduction risk management with AOK PLUS Saxony / Thuringia Rosenheim, 24.11.2010 since mid-April 2010 the AOK PLUS Saxony / Thuringia – headquartered in Dresden, Germany established a software-based, modern risk management system in her house. All risk management processes in regard to all divisions of insurance about patient care to the invoicing of the […]

FRUIT BARON – Christmas Best!

Munich’s new Obstlieferservice proves fresh and pampered to the advent period of Munich fruit BARON, Germany’s high-quality online fruit & fruit delivery service from Munich serves companies at the time of Advent with the best of the festive season. In addition to the varied fruit BARON Obstboxen, there is now also the Christmas box for […]

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