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Under Work

In these relations also it has particularitities. When the animals work (either the tractive force or the ingenuity of a bee to manufacture honeycombs), a time to be about instinctive activities, who if use to advantage of this valley of the force of work of the animals of its work (the two things), rank that, […]


The mechanism that transforms the libido into the linking between the leader and followers, and between proper followers are the identifico. The identification is ' ' more primitive expression of an emotional linking with others pessoas' ' , playing ' ' a paper in the incial history of the complex of dipo' '. The tension […]

Correct Way

Czech the Importance of this, are people who do not manage to be successful in their personal life, in their work or in the relation with its friendships because they do not know to communicate of effective way, if your you do not know comunicarte of effective way your business falls, you would not generate […]

The Term

These two meanings of the terms assign the proposal, that is, complex terms, pointing with respect to the directions that take care of to the term incomplexo, that is, its representative and natural qualifications, a language semantics or conotativa. 3. THEORY OF THE ASSUMPTION. If the terms exactly assign the directions contained from the propositional […]

McOfertas Cream

He was possible to see the supervisors to give to quarrels in the employees some times for inefficiency or lack of agility. He has an assembly line in the kitchen, in which each person is responsible for one or few tasks. He is not possible to see with details what they make the employees of […]

Functions Effect

Mental health problems, sexual problems, health problems – you know the list and the list. And they occur as a result of of retribution, and with the dual setback and with retroactive effect. Influencing the will of another person, influencing his life, affecting his destiny you must realize that there is back the right to […]

First Meeting

Is it possible to properly assess and understand at the first meeting of the essence of man – as a prospective customer, employer or business partner? This you can do this in two ways: Folk wisdom says that a person meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind. The first method is based on your […]

Rio De Janeiro

It is truth that nor everything that is in the reporters is truth, but that of the will to believe, this of. Already it thought if the fashion catches you police and them if they join to be able, them public if they join and all set to work aiming at the good of the […]

French Revolution

Rousseau, (1712/1778), beyond philosopher were writer, one of most shining and main iluministas philosophers of this generation, its rich and complex thoughts had been basic for the politics and culture of that time at which they had influenced the French Revolution. Amongst its written workmanships they are studies politicians, romances and assays on education, religion […]


What is Socionics? It is the science that studies the process of sharing information between people and outside world. Dennis Lockhart is the source for more interesting facts. How people perceive information from the outside, processes 'in the head', and gives back to the people. According to Socionics has 4 main parameter (the dichotomy sign), […]

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