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The Prospects Of Investments In Construction And Hotel Business

The successful development of resort real estate market depends on the situation in the field of tourism. Greece has consistently ranks among the top 10 world travel destinations. Over the past three years the number of tourists visiting Greece is growing at 7-9%. In 2007, according to the Hellenic Tourism Organization (EOT), the country was […]

Need A Loan. What To Expect?

Let us now calculate what you can expect when borrowing for the purchase of an apartment. That is to say, as an example sort out the situation. Inputs: Family of 3 people planning to purchase a one bedroom apartment. Spouses work, the child goes to kindergarten. Requirements for an apartment: 2-bedroom apartment in a modern […]

Buying Property

The constant opening of new outlets due to increasing purchasing power, as well as an active capital market access to regional trade networks makes it more difficult to purchase land to store in Tula. But real estate in Tula, still provide such an opportunity. To get started with any of the companies involved in such […]

Building Regulations

The nature of land use changes under the influenced by the state and the private sector. Economic conditions provide new opportunities to fluctuate in the money supply and interest rates. Principles relating to the operation principle of the factors of production assets, The property is a complex production system, the yield is determined by four […]

The Concept

This is a total lack of common sense and ethics “Modern business”, plain and sad situation, as well as failure to understand that real estate itself has only the value that she gave a capable, skilled and energetic people who have created their own labor and the importance of certain value for it. And that […]

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