Termex Heater

Power switching function is extremely useful in apartments and private homes with poor wiring. If at some point in your network includes many powerful consumers, you can turn on the heater Termex 1.3 kW, and when all of the rich consumers are turned off (at night), you can turn it on full power 2.0 kW. At the same Gorenje two separate "dry" heating element, stainless steel power of 1.0 kW, but the power for a given heater not switched. The presence of two separate heaters increases the reliability of the heater (in case of failure of one of them, the second will continue to warm water). It is believed that the presence of "dry" heating elements prolong the life of the heater up to 50%. The peculiarity of the "dry" heating elements is the lack of direct contact with the water heating elements, which are in metal casings, mounted on a flange.

This design prevents the formation of scale and reduce the corrosion inside the tank. Heating water from 15 to 65 C at the fastest Termex heater (3h 15 min), almost simultaneously with heated water and Gorenje (3 hours 25 min.) Real water is warming much longer (4 hours 50 min.) The reason for this less powerful heater and a weaker thermal insulation. Claimed consumption of electricity per day to maintain water temperature for these water heaters is: for Gorenje 2,2 kW / day for Termex 2.8 kW / day for Real Madrid 2.5 kW / day. The internal tanks and Real Termex made of stainless steel, while Gorenje Black steel coated with high quality enamel. Thickness Gorenje at the inner tank is 2 mm, 1.2 mm Termex, in Madrid less than 1 mm.

At this thickness the last two are especially harmful excessive pressure (over 0.6 MPa), hydraulic shocks, ie installing water pressure regulator is recommended. In terms of setting the most convenient water heater was Termex, as it has in komplete just wonderful and powerful anchor. The least comfortable was Real Madrid, because in a set he did not have any fasteners, and it proved to be rather flimsy brackets (under the weight of the filled cylinder are deformed). Gorenje has strong brackets, but no additional fasteners. By dostoirstvam Gorenje GBFU series may also include possibility of both vertical and horizontal installation. Service is desirable for any water heater, water heater but at Real Madrid and Termex holding service is not a prerequisite for not to "fall off" from the guarantee. For the water heater Gorenje conducting maintenance and replacement of the magnesium anode and at least every 24 months is a prerequisite garantii.Vyvody heater Termex Series Round Plus – this is water heater with an optimal price-quality ratio. So for 9,500 rubles you get a nice functional and reliable device that does not require mandatory service. The water heater Gorenje series GBFU – it water heater for heavy use in harsh environments, the most power efficient, requires periodic maintenance. Real Water Heater Series BH 390 – simple as a chair that does not require mandatory service water heater, which can be repaired by hand.

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