The Commercialization Of Christmas

Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. Rate peace and generosity and have mercy is to understand the true meaning of Christmas General Calvin Coolidge month of December is a month of much economic activity product of the Christmas celebration, where people from almost all countries of this planet Earth, identified with Christianity it is celebrated and involve a total identification with consumerism in order to meet the demands of consumers, who buy different products to provide gifts to families, friends, many by high costs, not taking into consider what this may mean in their budget. Many low-income families the commercialization of Christmas are affected, especially if they have sufficient income to buy products that offer families, friends. As is customary, global tradition, many factories are not just toys, they consider to be an ideal time to meet industry demand child who is really significant advantage of the figure of Santa Claus activate their production, like others, in relation to adults, according to the demand that they make at this time for friends, families with different products ranging from clothing, appliances , radios, cards, computers, etc. .. Industries producing alcoholic drinks is considered very good time to offer your product. Cecilia Denis, on the subject says that the Christmas season has a number of peculiarities that are not found in any other time of year and can be exploited by companies in many different sectors. To begin with, is the time of the gift par excellence.

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