the Crisis

Covershenno stumbled upon an amazing statement by the governor of the Ivanovo region, ma Me. Technology author helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Here is an excerpt: Governor Men at the annual meeting of the reporting of public authorities of the Ivanovo region noted that, in general, in 2008 succeeded in improving the socio-economic situation in the region. Up to 24,5 billion rubles increased investment in fixed assets. The volume of retail trade grew by 32,7%, real incomes population grew by 41%. "This is the best figure among the subjects of cfa, said the governor.

But you say, crisis, crisis 🙂 Look how the people that report to journalists, did not even hesitate – as much as 41 percent increased income. A inhabitants of the city of Ivanovo, even this is not suspected. It turns out again the time has come the cpsu Central Committee, where party functionaries splurge and reported cases of non-existent. What a pity that we are back to the old model of state service and state administration – registration, praising the merits of non-existent, Potemkin village.

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