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The choice of indicator (except for the choice of goal) is crucial to monetary policy, pursuing an intermediate target is within the logic provided by the ultimate goal. Foreseen indicator must possess four characteristics: – display the chosen goal – to be legkoizmeryaemym – display a certain way of the central bank – subject to effective supervision by the central bank. Selection of objects monetary depends on the economic situation in the country means that the central bank may, depending on the situation, provide guidance to one of these objects, or even several at a time. Federal Reserve Bank is often quoted on this topic. In general, the objectives of monetary policy is to create the conditions for which economic agents, realizing the freedom of choice to implement the actions that coincide with the objectives of economic policy. Thus, monetary Politics is not autonomous. The ultimate goal of monetary osnovopolozhnymi coincides with the objectives of macroeconomic policy.

The conduct of monetary policy provides defining its strategy and tactics. Policy strategy is: to choose targets, establishing a hierarchy of objectives, determining the parameters of the objectives. Objectives of monetary policy are determined depending on the level development of economic relations in the state. They can be divided into three groups: strategic, intermediate, tactical. Strategic – these are key goals of state economic policy: growth employment, balance of payments balance, output growth, price stability and the like. Strategic goals are long-term goals, they are not directly measured as the cash value and are not Money market indicators. To achieve them, the central banks of developing intermediate goals.

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