The Problem with Reception

After more than four years and a loyal customer, paying, we have detected a problem with reception. We asked for someone to come take a look at him, and told us that would be $ 100. That is the only customer service option is authorized to offer. We announced that we could get new equipment brand free satellite in a competitor of the company, and told us to go ahead and change what we did. After change, the first company called to ask why the left, and we told our story.

The employee agreed that “after four years, should be set free.” Too late. We have signed a new contract for two years and could not be happier with our new recorder, digital video free. On the other hand, we have no customer complaints unresolved in our business because they simply do our best to keep our customers happy from the beginning. Of course, make mistakes and we ran out of things, but always do what is necessary to do well, plus a little something extra for the customer. This attitude is based a long time, relationships with customers successfully. a Here are some tips to enhance their customer service department: 1.) Depending on the nature of the complaint, the staff arm service the client with the possibility of offering incentives to encourage dissatisfied customers not to leave. We can offer at least half the callers to old clients can offer. For example, if you normally charge for a service call, but you are facing the prospect of losing a customer of 10 years, allow the customer service representative to offer a half off.

2.) If your company is wrong, and your customer calls you on it, allow your customer service staff to realize you made a mistake, apologize and offer something to compensate for it? a free month of service, a coupon for a discount on a future order. Nothing is more aggravating if someone apologize without admitting any wrongdoing (ie “I’m sorry you feel this way.” O “Sorry you’re upset about it.”) They can say, “Sorry, we were wrong. What can we do to that you? “What happened to the motto” The customer is always right “? 3.) Mix the scripts. Give the Customer service people lists of things to say to unhappy customers back to their village on nothing more than robots. With today’s technology voice recognition, as it can also use an automated response system. Train your customer service people to act as human beings. Provide the type of training in conflict resolution they need to turn unhappy customers into those who, at least, believe their company cares about their problems and want to help. 4.) Provide incentives for the customer service to retain dissatisfied customers. For example, tape the calls, and once a month to give an award to the customer service representative who does the best job of turning the angry customers happy. 5.) Do not ‘wait for the customer to insist on speaking with a manager. If the authority of the customer service representative to provide a solution is not sufficient to retain the customer, should be SOP for the representative to request time to consult a supervisor and possibly put them in the debate.

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