The Secret Of The Self-esteem

The self-esteem is the secret for intern of the man, since through the different same factors compose that it determines as we see and we felt so much, as also the image that we projected the other people. Not only it helps us to see that something is bad with us, but it allows to see us in what we are failing and therefore to correct the fault, also helps car to surpass to us same, because the human does not have limits but the taxes by they themselves. The self-esteem is used in the schools, in the work, in our houses etc. Also it allows the workers to feel to taste with his work and thus to have a better performance in the same. The people who perhaps play but with the self-esteem are the heads of salesmen (of tax exemptions, the commercial premises between many others), since when the feeling to taste with they themselves, having as objective to sell a number x of things to at the time labor number and of people maintains them motivated and not letting themselves intimidate by failures or obstacles who are at certain moment. self-esteem would have of being created, being maintained and structured since we are young until the adolescence or even when we have a firm image on we ourself. With this it is created to him to the very small boy from the feeling to be wanted to itself before wanting to the others. The family must instill to the boy in her earlier stage of growth all the values, beliefs and principles to him. It is important that the parents recognize the profits of the boy thus to contribute to strengthen their personality. The people with low self-esteem that is to say, that they have aggravated the image on itself or they do not own a clear image on itself are little or nothing successful is autocrtican in excess, attribute the faults, as much as his as the one of the others, they think that they are a load for the others, are uncertain to take any step, thus is a safe step to the success, always doubt them and they only go to where others want that they go.

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