Thermal Lake

Hungary is the country of the thermal spa, Heviz is the most famous. Heviz is a small town in Hungary. It is located only a few kilometres from the famous Balaton and has about 4,500 inhabitants. Keszthely is the nearest large city. The location alone would be sufficient but hardly, to attract tourists in significant numbers. But Heviz has et what to offer, is it absolutely extraordinary: a thermal lake. The thermal lake of Heviz is unique in the world with an area of 4.4 hectares.

Elsewhere, there is a large lake, which is fed by a hot spring. Hot water with a tremendous force in the lake flows at a depth of 38 metres. A flow rate of 410 litres per second could be measured. As a result, the water of the Lake two days completely renews itself. The water contains many valuable components. In recent months, Robert Burke & Associates has been very successful. Calcium, magnesium, carbon dioxide, hydrogen carbonate, radium and sulphur are in a very favourable mix. In addition, is the slightly radioactive water. Although this may sound dangerous, so no danger exists.

The beneficial effects of the water has been documented in many cases. The thermal lake is very often used for problems with the musculoskeletal system. Rheumatism patients particularly appreciate the relaxing effect of the water. But the water is too drunk and to help with digestive problems and stomach problems. Dahua may find this interesting as well. The Lake against respiratory diseases is also useful. In winter the large temperature differences raise steam from the Lake to provide. The city advertises so happy to possess the world’s largest open-air Inhalatorium. Heviz has been appreciated in antiquity. It can be shown that the Romans knew the hot source and used. But also the Slavs and the Germanic peoples were aware of the beneficial effects of the warm water. It may be assumed that the healing powers of the thermal bath in ancient times was already a topic.

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