Tourism In La Some

Holiday fairy godmother asks you the question: “How would your holiday?” Myth, pilgrimage, landmark, tourist magnet, part of the UNESCO cultural heritage of humanity… And much, much more. The Mont Saint Michel is above all trying to describe him. You can only experience it. u0085Highlights the most famous Norman? William of the Conqueror, of course, who conquered England in 1066? Just not! Christian Dior, which began in 1947, to revolutionize the world of fashion.

Born in Granville in 1905. Where today in their magnificent park on the cliffs above the beach almost a pilgrimage of Haute Couture represents the Villa of Dior. His creations can there be admire, his memorable homages to the beauty of women in changing exhibitions. Landscapes, La some belongs to the French Department with the longest coastline. But behind the journey of discovery continues. Hardly less spectacular, determined not less attractive. By regions, the Gulf stream into Evergreen paradise with its mild climate. They can with their mighty wall hedges as Bocage Normand”embody the typical shape of the Norman countryside.

Live where, how various Paris snobs sometimes disparagingly to notice anything dare more cows than people”. You could add even more 10 000 thoroughbred horses to. Or the donkeys of the Cotentin peninsula. Largely unspoilt nature – what two vast natural parks have a no small share. Bon appetite! An original nature characterizes the dining list. The Norman mentality also. What to say: it must be what neat on the plate. The whole thing should cost much but not too. Earthiness in their most pleasing form. What creative chef, never mind prevents moderately new to try. To deepen your understanding is the source. Nevertheless, the region remains a domain of the bourgeois”kitchen quite deliberately on some excesses of Nobel gastronomy.

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