At present, the ultrasound is leading among the modern methods of diagnosis. It allows you to refine and clarify the picture of disease diagnosis, is a kind of 'helper' for the doctor more accurate diagnostic picture of the patient. The main advantages of this method – the simplicity of the procedure, the absence of pain and penetration into the body, the informativeness of the results. This method is of great importance in gynecology, mammalogy, and urology. With ultrasound you can find a huge list of diseases, control of the disease Ultrasound has several advantages over other methods. Vicky White has compatible beliefs.

First, it Of course, the complete safety of this method for the patient. In contrast, for example, from X-ray ultrasound does not provide any radiation exposure to the patient. Accordingly, since no adverse effects on the body No, an ultrasound can always be repeated. Second, the ultrasound method is unique in its essence, because allows you to explore the many organs and systems: it is the abdominal organs, urogenital system, thyroid abdominal organs (liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, pancreas, spleen, lymph nodes, abdominal cavity, the abdominal aorta). retroperitoneal ultrasound (kidneys, ureters, adrenal glands, retroperitoneal lymph nodes). . Pelvic ultrasound (bladder, uterus, ovaries, the definition of pregnancy, with menstrual delay of 5 days or more, prostate gland, folikulogenez). transesophageal ultrasound of the heart, with Doppler blood flow analysis. Ultrasound – ultrasound examination of organs and tissues.

Ultrasound has revolutionized medicine by allowing fast, secure and properly diagnose and therefore treat many diseases. Currently, ultrasound is used in virtually all areas of medicine. Ultrasound during pregnancy is used to confirm the timing and normal pregnancy. Ultrasound of the fetus, particularly 3d and 4d is used to monitor the status of the child during pregnancy.

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