Uncle Tom

"Rent a room," a phrase we often hear coming out of the bus in one of the many coastal villages and small towns, we are assured that no where to go is not necessary, we will finish and settled, and all is well and everything is convenient because all the facilities there and the sea is just go out and close it, the money at the same time may be asked are good. In this case, full prepayment for the entire period of residence required. Then we were someone is very, very long on dusty roads, and we find ourselves in what a hut in which apparently only recently did Uncle Tom died and this hut became the object of making money. Outcome. We will pay for a horrible pastime / accommodation, where comfort is not even close to lying or something we shoved next to it. All amenities are in the toilet, which turns out to be a cesspool, a shower in which we were promised hot water was a summer, a beautiful dining room is a small room with dirty century-refrigerator and a stove for a man commercials twenty – thirty guests at the same time it is not clear where they all fit there. And the sea next to it just to go for thirty minutes, and then if you really hurry, and then where to the main beach where all the rest and entertainment are all very, very far away. Our rest is broken and finally opinion about this kurortike flawed in direct proportion. By the same author: Total Transportation Services Los Angeles.

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