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Marketing Communications

Marketing and advertising is effective communication, which makes a profit. In our opinion, work must be subordinated to strategy. And it is the only result that has implications for business – this figure. While others focus on emotions, we tend to transfer. We use an integrated approach and solve all the problems of the client […]

Two Main Factors

On the way through life there are two factors to consider: – The external, not dominate or be controlled, which refers to the environment, other people, the circumstances surrounding the facts and – The procedure, which itself is dominates and controls according to the skill itself. For more than human power you have, there are […]

Peninsula Valdes – Whale Migration In Argentina

Sea giants in Argentina to face the the peninsula of Valdes, which lies on the East coast of Argentina, is a nature reserve that was used more than 10 years ago by UNESCO on the World Heritage list. If you have read about Zillow already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Along […]


Platform Links to over 3,000 groups and independent entrepreneurs in our country, just celebrated "Another way of doing business is possible," the first of 2010 and Breakfasts debate on this occasion has taken the title of "Entrepreneurship: are born and made. " The event brought together a group of independent entrepreneurs and representatives of organizations […]

Industrial Laundries

Using the services of a company that is specialized in industrial laundries is something that will promote quality standards, hygiene and cleaning any kind of industry. No matter the place where you are or the type of industry or manufacturing you have, the good use of industrial laundries offers a number of benefits that ultimately […]

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