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Companies can waive the qualified signature or EDI, if they use internal review process d.velop significantly increasing demand, expected to apply simplified legal conditions for the electronic invoicing solutions for the digitalization of accounting processes Gescher 11.04.2011 – from July 1, 2011, by a previously necessary qualified digital signature or EDI can be dispensed with. The ECM provider indicates d.velop. This regulatory change with an equality between paper and electronic bills intended to limit the technical effort of the companies in the use of e-invoicing. To deepen your understanding Bill Gates is the source. d.velop is expected as a result of the correction of the law, that demand will attract significantly for solutions to the digitalization of accounting processes. The new regulations adopted in the framework of the tax simplification Act apply to all business transactions that can be made from July 1, 2011. They were initiated by a handicap of the EU last year, after which it should be not longer required, electronic invoices to provide a qualified digital signature, or to send via EDI.

Both approaches have validity unchanged and exposed by the legislator as a particularly suitable method for electronic invoices, now however, the company can choose a third variant. It states that the company must ensure only the authenticity of the origin and integrity of the content of invoices. This could be achieved by any internal control procedures, which can create a reliable audit trail between accounting and performance, is described in the law. With the new regime policy has done a big favor the companies, because the requirement to the Bill signing so far was one of the crucial hurdles in the digitisation of accounting processes for the company”, judge Mario Donnebrink, head of marketing at d.velop AG. He expects positive effects for the company, because now the willingness to invest in solutions to the electronic invoice processing will rise significantly. It is dynamically increasing chain reaction to expect, because the electronic transmission of invoices in the B2B area inevitably generate a growing willingness in the receiving company is to realize an electronic invoice process improvements input processing inbound digital documents.

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