Platform Links to over 3,000 groups and independent entrepreneurs in our country, just celebrated "Another way of doing business is possible," the first of 2010 and Breakfasts debate on this occasion has taken the title of "Entrepreneurship: are born and made. " The event brought together a group of independent entrepreneurs and representatives of organizations specializing in corporate and project support Emprende Madrid (Ayuntamiento de Madrid), Madrid Chamber of Commerce, Union of Self-Employed Professional, Google Spain, and Salvia Communication among others. A discussion involving all participants, giving visions, actions, statements and questions on a topic as initiate and create business and as noted Julia Garcia Glass, President of the Platform links "must stop being the traditional professional approach subsidiary paid work he did outside of the current situation in any case is generating potential of new projects. " Findings with which Barbara Navarro, director of Google and Julia Garcia Vaso fully agreed, and the first from the knowledge of experiences and models in other countries explain to the audience. "Changes in education system and entrepreneurship as a cross-cutting thematic line." The keys to meeting debate The arguments to enable participants stressed that in Spain there is more entrepreneurial culture passed to implement changes in the educational system to generate more entrepreneurial people, development of entrepreneurship and professional experience regardless of the outcome, the need to create enabling environments institutionally the implementation of projects, continuously raising the younger ones, real coordination between administrations, reducing barriers once launched the business. These were some of the views.

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