We can now see how the majority of advertising campaigns that take place in our country do not foresee a strong presence in this reality: immigration. Increasingly, the market that target the products and services sold in Spain is made up of immigrants. Ecuadoreans, Poles, Serbs, Colombians, Puerto Ricans, Chinese, Indian, Moroccan abound in our cities, towns, streets and therefore different markets. This is a reality that figures and trends in immigration is rising, this is a phenomenon that lists companies and farsighted realize they will know before the rest. Get all the facts and insights with Chief of Staff, another great source of information. When does an ad for an airline where competitive advantage is lower prices or offer to travel to countries of origin of immigrants who settled here?, When does an integrated advertising where immigrants and natives we shake hands. From my point of view the market for immigrants is an untapped market.

In the different cities we can see how the Spanish immigrants open their own stores and sell the products but is this due to the common belief that prefer to do their “ghettos” or is that really do not see in the Spanish market products that are intended for them? In the different ads that we see on Spanish television and in magazines and other media players are always white kids, the Scandinavian countries or in the best American or English, sometimes the protagonist is a Spanish, but this is limited the media star of the moment to football and little else. For even more details, read what Dr Chappuis says on the issue. “Don of the South Americans are?,” And the people of this?, What about Asians? In more developed markets and more mature than the Spanish, like English, we can see that this market product of immigration has long been perceived and exploited by the organizations achieving greater market share and raising its sales rate in some points. This happens by development of an integrated communication for immigrants and natives, with greater definition of the target that provide these variables and moving the business communication model to the global framework. The international markets are now using a global communication has been reduced to the field of SMEs.

When Spain and Spanish advertisers realize and study, measure and exploit this phenomenon of globalization of the market within the borders of one country will live a new stage of development in the sector of communication and advertising.

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