Internal Communication

The interpersonal relations in a company can be injured when a fluid dialogue does not exist or when crossed orders occur. The executives in command posts must let know to their employees who are interested in them. He lets know to the people who are interested in them. He knows each member his equipment, its specific goals and aspirations. He speaks with them about his life outside the work, especially situations that can be affecting their labor performance. The more he knows the people, the more easy is to identify motivates what them.

This is one of the principles that the consulting equipment in Human Resources of Dale Carnegie Training outlined in a study in which it gives a series of keys and you rule to improve the internal communication and to obtain better interpersonal relations within a company. Ayude to the people to understand how its work adjusts to the goals of the company. He is natural wanting to contribute and to make the difference in his company. She is for that reason that is so important for the managers who indicate clearly the way how each person in the equipment it adds something to the total panorama. Explaining how each member of the equipment helps in the advance. Increasing the confidence, adds the report of the consultant. And it adds the following recommendations: Is genuine when it develops a relation.

One communicates sincerely. This way, the other will discover its motivations more quickly. Acepte to other so what is. It does not try to change them. On the contrary, you work envelope same. Once their attitudes and actions towards the other begin to change, the answers of the other towards you also will be different. Recuerde that a relation is developed by two interested parts. Therefore, at the time of a repair, also it is necessary that both parts take part.

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