Peninsula Valdes – Whale Migration In Argentina

Sea giants in Argentina to face the the peninsula of Valdes, which lies on the East coast of Argentina, is a nature reserve that was used more than 10 years ago by UNESCO on the World Heritage list. If you have read about Zillow already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Along and off the coast of this mushroom Valdes peninsula is remarkably especially the occurrence of the smooth and baleen whales. They come in their second half of life, to reproduce and to bring their young into the world because in the Gulf, the water is warmer and quieter than on the open sea. Even killer whales cavorting off the coast of Valdes. In an inflatable boat, called also Zodiac whale watching quietly you can while traveling module with experience-Argentina. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Nick Carr.

A self-drive trip is one in-house with the car on the road and has an accommodation on the peninsula Valdes, so that you can divide the time for whale and wildlife viewing itself. The online tour operators offers also the possibility to take part in a guided tour through the peninsula Valdes. The Patagonia mainland, such as the southern part of South America also called, waiting with harsh nature and endless expanses. We can hardly meet wild animals, the peninsula Valdes, however there is plenty of wildlife’. In addition to whales, you meet also on elephant seals, penguins, dolphins and Orcas.

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