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Eternal dirt in the streets, public places, except to someone like that? We are forever are all beginning to blame someone, that he threw the wrapper on the street, and the trashcan in the corner from him, of course, notice what others are doing is easier than ensure that you do. You've learned that the wipers clean it all for you, and still say: "Well, that's their job!" And if the janitor cleaned and after ten minutes, again lying on the ground garbage, you once again blame them in a bad job. So You can not live. Before you blame others for the mistake committed by the need to first learn to always throw garbage wherever is necessary. After that, it turns out, then the wipers worked, worked, but then again the dirt? Do you own nice to look at how your street is gradually transformed into the trash? Do not you think that you should somehow deal? It's not very difficult.

You just need to monitor the cleanliness of at least a yard. If you see that is a piece of paper on the ground, lift it up and throw in the trash, of course, is now a lot of infections and everything, so start saying: "I am what most want?", but carry a simple medical gloves in order to raise the wrapper is also not difficult. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of dr chappuis on most websites. You need to have the willpower to begin to monitor not only for your apartment or house, but for the street. It is not difficult to agree with all those who belong to this court, to establish monthly Saturday. If you take the initiative and that you offer to watch your yard for you to change their mind for the better.

Themselves think and what you lose? Almost nothing. You simply pay a monthly half-day for simply to collect trash in the yard. The problem of environmental pollution have been significantly reduced if you take the initiative and go to a meeting in order to improve their living conditions. Net environment – Strong health. Keep the city, because when you do well, it always comes back to you.

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