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In Hamburg, there are plenty of funeral establishments, which have partly already on a good 100 years history of existence. All undertaker Hamburg are in advanced services, which have made the promises in a certainly difficult times to help the relatives and to accompany. It is then also the same whether a ground, a forest, a fire, a sea – or a diamond funeral is required. Some undertaker Hamburg are also advised. Enter for example, advice on the optimal screening and at the end of a funeral. The Earth and the cremation are still the most common forms of burial in Germany. Also the undertaker Hamburg take this fact into account. Decide the survivors for a burial, then you can choose a suitable coffin from a brochure for this purpose.

The undertaker Hamburg Rules the rest. This also applies to the funeral service, which will then be carried out either in a church or in a secular context can. If still no appropriate burial place is available, help choosing funeral services Hamburg and advise the bereaved at the time of purchase. In recent years the trend went always away from the burial to cremation. Last but not least, this trend has been amplified that the Christian churches express no appeals more. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church entitled a cremation.

Only one prerequisite for this but would be that the motives for the cremation have no anti-religious background. Who wants a natural burial ground and places no value on a fenced cemetery, may decide for a forest burial, which offer some undertaker Hamburg, in a special fried forest. In this place, the URN is embedded by the undertaker Hamburg in the root zone of a tree. This tomb can no longer be maintained. As a result, it seeks to preserve undertaker Hamburg the naturalness. Mainly for people who have an extremely tight binding to the Lake had to a burial at sea also be relevant. That is generally performed by an experienced shipping company and could happen in the Baltic Sea, as well as in the North Sea or in an other international waters. The captain of the boat passing the URN on the ocean. For this she is left on a rope in the water, where she then sink. To the memory of the deceased, the family members of the undertaker Hamburg get a map section with the exact burial location. FBH – cemetery funeral Hamburg GmbH contact: Michael Carbuhn Manshardtstrasse 151 22119 Hamburg and Alsterdorfer Strasse 573 22335 Hamburg phone: 040 / 50 10 13 E-Mail: Internet:

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