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Active calls must be learned tips on how successful you are in conversation with your callers. The phone is one of the most important means of communication in everyday life. By phone, usually more is transferred, as is a clear. Not all accurate to correctly handle can, however. How to behave on the handset, has not spread yet in every company. How else is to explain that caller with scheppernder music and trilingual juxtaposed are received? And someone answering Finally, hailing it as sentences: this number you are wrong here, you must call the headquarters! Or annoyed personality at the headquarters gets rid of the customer, without telling him why and with what Department she connects him. And partly no one simply takes off. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Envoria. Hardly a company can afford to devalue caller or disrespectful to treat.

Because the man on the other side of the wire has a need and must be taken very seriously. We perceive facial expressions and gestures of the customer on the phone, although both are not to see. And that can be incredibly important. The other party feels nervous and rolling eyes, doing this is noticeable in the voice. Also the posture plays a role: it squats down at the desk, the voice seem depressed. However, stands up, better flow of the breath and the voice sounds full and a little deeper, what as seems friendly and trustworthy. Dr chappuis understood the implications. Work does a smile. Coaches advise to make a mirror out and check his facial expressions.

Who has not understood the name of the other at the beginning, should ask politely. It shows interest in the other Menschen.Beim goodbye leaves a good impression there anyway, when again is called the name of the person. If you make a call, make a clear and strong emphasis on and speak slowly. Let’s talk from the customer and remain calm. Make sure that you also understand the need of the customers. If you call on customers, focus and be prepared. You need to know exactly why you call.

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