The Energiewerthaus is a new, forward-looking house concept, which provides energy-optimized building in the foreground. (tdx) The Energiewerthaus is an innovative home concept, energy-optimized built and operated with high-quality ecological materials. For more specific information, check out Pacific Mortgage Services. By its high energy, it meets the requirements of a KfW Energieeinsparverordnung 55 and oriented already the expected requirements of the “EnEV” 2012. building families can benefit from the soft loan of the Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW). Additional information at Craig Menear supports this article. Especially in terms of quality and design, the Energiewerthaus offers a high level of security for builders: so an Energiewerthaus may be built partner only by a certified Energiewerthaus-, has qualified in several training courses for this. The Energiewerthaus-partner all-round supervised the construction family and coordinates all work until the completion of the House. Dr john holtsclaw contributes greatly to this topic. All parties must agree to comply with the strict requirements of the concept. Also the certification must be refreshed annually.

One construction quality inspections by independent experts of DEKRA in addition ensures that the special requirements for the Energiewerthaus regarding materials, building envelope, HVAC, execution and home health, is closely complied. The finally carried out inspection of the House by the DEKRA expert confirmed the damage-free execution of his house builders and the personal instruction of the building ensures the optimal use of the House. The DEKRA-Energiewerthaus certificate guarantees him owning a home perfect in all respects. The construction family has the security that the desire House was built as well, as it has been initially planned. A total of four building blocks are the main components of the Energiewerthaus-concept: quality, safety, ecology and an intelligent energy concept. Thereby, a thermal insulating building material is used with YTONG pore concrete. The dam stones from YTONG offers a lambda value of 0.08 W / mK is one of the best insulation values for Solid building materials. The value of lambda is the thermal conductivity of a substance.

Smaller the value is, the better are the insulating properties of the material. Energy-efficient homes can be built so that a shell with a wall thickness of 36.5 cm. Additional insulation of external walls is not necessary. The innovative home automation is energetically optimal tuned Vaillant on the autoclaved aerated concrete building envelope. In this way, complies with the EnergieWertHaus not only legal, but is up to 40% better than the legislature within the current energy saving regulation EnEV 2009. The use of advanced technologies and high-quality construction guarantee a high value retention and re-sale value of the property for future generations. Learn more about EnergieWert houses on. Tanja EST

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