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Transforming Pedagogical Trends

Although to possess a vision of Pedagogia Banking, called and criticized for Pablo Freire (where the professor deposits in the pupil the knowledge without taking in consideration its social reality); this is transforming, for presenting the school a function politics to democratize education with the objective of if having a democratic and igualitria society, through […]

Conference GVOConference

Hello today I wanted to tell you some tools and strategies to resell hosting I’m not hosting reseller but I saw in the search for tools and aspects of putting a hosting reseller account but with a free service (if you want to see what you can visit my page) and wanted to write about […]

Corporate Culture Company’s Pharmaceutical Market

Corporate Culture is a set of norms, values, attitudes, behavioral norms, practices in the organization, which creates its internal environment. Role corporate culture in the organization is as follows: informal basis for the formation of the organization; context of the internal environment, competitive tool (the collective programming of mind which distinguishes one organization from another.) […]

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