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Business Development

How satisfied are the customers of the site? The small and medium-sized enterprises must be for the authorities of key customers. The quality criteria, according to which the municipal administration at the site will be assessed must therefore also are supplemented with a customer satisfaction analysis from the perspective of this group. Are authorisation procedures […]

LAS BPOenergy Ensures

LAS BPOenergy backed by business process outsourcing the corporate success was never as easy as it is today by energy suppliers of the change of the energy provider and also gaining momentum through attractive bonus programs in the industry. Increasingly more vendors pushing on the already highly competitive market and increase price pressure through their […]

American Express

ecenta still unused potential in CRM solutions Walldorf sees the recent results of the American Express the 04.08.2010 global customer service barometer and the current study of the market research company RAAD speak a clear language research: customers expect better service from companies in times of crisis and the German middle class increasingly relied on […]

security Codes

Finished in Moscow specialized exhibition-conference "INFOBEZ-EXPO. The company "Security Code" introduced a full line of certified software and hardware that form a complex comprehensive protection of restricted information. In addition, the developer's product portfolio is now represented a fundamentally new software to protect confidential information, such as commercial secrets or personal data processed in the […]

Continues Advantage

Innovative language search feature now available. Frankfurt am Main that the regional telephone information AG, with its headquarters in Frankfurt, has gone the next step in the successful development of the company with the world’s only nine-speaking online yellow pages for Germany with approximately 3.6 million company entries. The business directory, which is for free […]

Institute Retirement

The reactivation of older professionals can solution for the shortage of his Hamburg, January 11, 2011, nor are the positive messages of lower unemployment in the year 2010 and further declining unemployment for 2011 in the ear. But according to already voices, warning against a shortage of workers and thus skills shortage. A recent survey […]

Doors RAM

TAO VI the spirit of the Valley does not die. It is the mysterious female. The door of the mysterious female is the root of the universe. Uninterrupted, continues his work without fatigue. who pose the strength and power will be who will expire, the weak always have to kneel before the Fort, which descends […]

Max Weber

Durkheim admitted the conservadorismo of its method, therefore it considered that the social facts were difficult to be modified, although not to be immune the transformations. It believed that, from a new moral order, together with a solidarity feeling, the society would be each time more joust and the individual would reach the joy of […]

Psicossocial Paper

State of Mato Grosso State secretary of Education State School Lobato Hunter the psicossocial paper in the acquisition of the reading Article developed in the State School Lobato Hunter Authors: Hermitage of Jesus Saints, (Alfabetizao) and Marilene Branches, (3 Year of the Ens. Basic) – Summary Our intention when developing this article above all had […]

John Namibe

We wait the results of the admission test, until day 15 of April of 2005, in addition, forgetting went me our Kamba that worked in the Reitoria of UAN (Universidade Agostinho Neto), I I speak of the Tania, a very advanced young of culture, held well, and friend of all, knows to conserve the ethics […]

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