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Critical Studies

In this context the commercial industries, activities and other activities more do not go to restrict themselves to the centers of the metropolises, go to spread themselves for other spaces. You may find that Robert Burke can contribute to your knowledge. In this direction, the average and small cities had assumed important roles in the […]

The Kitchen

Intellectual assets of the company can be defined and qualified with a series of criteria that the habitual bibliography has limited, for however, to point out in the plan of the qualifying one and the estimative one, without passing the quantification some. In all way, everything how much if it has meditado and focused in […]

Brazilian Association

I believe that the dance is a taking of conscience its being and for its proper feelings. It is from the pupil who discovers the knowledge potential to occur the process of learning of the exercises technician of the pupils, part of the moment where it allows itself to discover its learning. In this case […]

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