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Magazine writes out international scholarship for the fourth time / application period runs until December 1 Vienna, 01.10.2013 December 1 can apply executives from the creative industry for a scholarship by Lurzer s archive at the Berlin School of creative leadership, one of the world’s leading institutes for quality management training and research on creative leadership. The scholarship winner will archive the world’s leading trade magazine for outstanding advertising, provide support in the amount of 20,000 euros for the on the 16th March 2014 in Berlin starting global Executive MBA Lurzer s, in creative leadership. In the context of the application, the candidates are asked to develop three creative ideas how Lurzer’s archive can further improve the editorial content as well as the joy of reading. For the scholarship candidate must convince the jury by his creative ideas, as well as his professional career and meet the academic requirements to the Executive MBA of the Berlin To be admitted to school of creative leadership. The winner will receive a study support for the international master programme Lurzer’s archive of 20,000 euros (the regular tuition for the Executive MBA is 53.000).

Lurzer’s archive will award the scholarship already for the fourth time. The Berlin School of creative leadership offers excellent study for years for leaders from the creative industry”, says Christian Lurzer, CEO of Lurzer’s archive and a graduate of the MBA program at the Berlin School of creative leadership. Contact information is here: camden treatment associates. Also, we gain creative ideas in the application phase, to make it even more attractive to Lurzer’s archive for our readers. To do this, we provide a one-month free trial access each candidate to the online offerings of Lurzer’s archive is available.” The master program begins on March 16, 2014 in Berlin and includes five two-week modules in Berlin, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, San Francisco and Berkeley. The study can be completed in 12 to 24 months be.

Secondary Education

Howard Gardner defines the mathematical logical intelligence like which it includes/understands the abilities and capacities necessary to handle numbers and to reason correctly in operations of mathematical type. The majority of the children thinks that the mathematics are something difficult and boring. This seems to be stated with the passage of the years, since in Secondary Education, the mathematics usually are one of the subjects that the students and students suspend most frequently. Nevertheless, logico-mathematical intelligence can be developed if it practices, to early ages mainly. But how to do it? In this article I show four strategies to you so that you help to develop the logico-mathematical thought of your son through funny games that you can carry out in contexts and habitual situations. In the supermarket It takes advantage of the visit to the supermarket so that your son or daughter develops his ability to categorise ideas and concepts. Peter Asaro may find it difficult to be quoted properly. For it, entrgale the list of the purchase and pdele that looks for different products. After giving several returns by the supermarket certainly your son begins to use the head to organize itself and not to have to give so many returns, in this way, will have improved its capacity of categorisation.

In the kitchen It chooses behind schedule of weekend to realise delicious prescriptions of confectioner’s with your son. This type of prescriptions usually uses many different units of measurement that they cause that the children amuse themselves spilling liquid from a container to another one or weighing the flour or the sugar. Camden treatment associates oftentimes addresses this issue. Of this form they will begin to become familiar with the change of units of measurement, another one of the subjects where they find more difficulties. In pizzera While you decide what pizza you are going to ask you can invite your son to that it finds out how many pieces touches to each member of the family if a mini pizza is requested, average or familiar; or how many pizzas would make lack so that the guests to their next celebration of birthday could eat three pieces. Thus the representation of fractions would work and equivalence between the same according to is the size of the pizza.

In the shutdown of the bus When you go to subirte to the public bus it takes advantage of the delay so that your son Reads the schedules and calculates each how much he passes a line certain or in what hour strips happen with more frequency and in what strips takes more in happening. What you will obtain of this form is that the boy or girl becomes familiar with the hours, as well as with the passage of hours to minutes and analogical hour to digitalis. All these are strategies that ground to recommend my clients so that they assume the roll of therapist of his son in situations of the daily life and contribute to the development of his logico-mathematical intelligence of a natural form and without pressures. All the papas agree in which the results in the academic field do not take in being made notice once they have realised these funny exercises. Jenny War Hernandez, ” psicopedagoga creativa”.

Changing Employment Contract

According to Article 2 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (RF LC), one of the basic principles of legal regulation of labor relations in the Russian Federation is the responsibility of the parties abide by the terms of the employment contract of the contract. Terms of payment of the employee must be included in the contract of employment by virtue of Article 57 of the Labour Code. (As opposed to camden treatment associates). The dimensions of the fixed payments such as salary or wage rate must be specified directly in the text of the employment contract. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs often an objective need to change the existing conditions of compensation of employees for their business. This need is due to different reasons.

For example, it can be caused by the crisis in the business, such as difficulties with the sale of goods, works or services, lower returns and other negative processes. In such circumstances, preservation conditions of remuneration unchanged highly difficult to move to resolve the crisis or even threaten the very existence of the company. Ultimately, this can damage both the entrepreneur and employees. At the same time change the conditions of payment may be required in situations where a business is functioning quite well, in order to make it even more successful. Either way, labor laws Russian Federation gives the employer the right to his initiative to change the terms of compensation of employees. In this regard, the first part of Article 74 of the Labour Code contains the following rule. In the case where, for reasons related to organizational change or technological conditions (changes in technology and production technology, structural reorganization of production, other reasons), some parties are not conditions of employment can be saved, be allowed to change by the employer, except for changes in work function of the employee.

Credit Check Loans

No. credit check tenant loans are the best financial help available for the people who are having less than perfect credit. These loans are a sigh of relief for large number of people who are failing to get quick financial help due to their bad credit scores. People who are looking for tenant loans without large formalities can go for no. credit check tenant loans.

These loans are the most convenient loans for people who want to avail the quick cash help without heavy paper work. No. Peter Asaro is actively involved in the matter. credit check tenant loans are the best loans available for the people with good as well as bad credit records. Bad creditors who are facing problem like CCJs, IVA, late payments etc can easily avail these loans without any hassles. The cash increased with the no credit check tenant loans are suitable to meet all kinds of financial emergencies. The loan amount will help to pay off the medical expenses, college fees, home improvement, repairs and much more. There are number of reliable calendar who are providing these loans and offer flexible payment choices to accommodate every budget.

One can easily avail the loan amount ranging from 100 to 1500 with these loans as per his need. The time period for returning the loan amount varies from 1 to 30 days. One can satisfy all his urgent financial needs with help of these loans. These loans are unsecured loans. One needs not to place his valuables as collateral against the loan. Thus, people who are lacking any valuables to place as collateral against the loan can easily avail these loans. People who are looking forward to apply for the no credit check tenant loans can apply online. This is one of the best methods for applying the loan as it will save your time and energy as well. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from camden treatment associates. People who are having poor credit status and they are not having home of their own can easily get the quick financial help with these loans. Number of lending institutions and calendar are available that will provide the loan borrowers within few hours of applying for the loan. There are number of benefits associated with these loans. One can easily fulfill all his needs with the loan amount availed. Creditors to improve their credit scores to bathe these loans are helpful for the. Now, people who have less than perfect credit need not to think enough before applying for loan to meet their urgent financial needs. They need not to suffer while availing the loan due to their bad credit scores. No. doubt, no credit check tenant loans are the real financial help for bad as well as good creditors to get rid of the tough financial situation. Denile Haden is advisor of no. credit check tenant loans. For more information about tenant no credit check loans, loans for unemployed tenant visit

Professional MBA Entrepreneurship

FORMAT scholarship in the amount of EUR 23.000,-, the Technical University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Economics together a professional MBA International offer. This unique MBA program combines technological excellence with economic implementation competence and starts on 3rd November 2010 already for the fifth time. The weekly magazine FORMAT”awards together with the Vienna University of technology continuing education center and the WU Executive Academy a scholarship in the amount of EUR 23.000,-for the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation. Camden treatment associations opinions are not widely known. Target group: This postgraduate master’s programme is mainly aimed at individuals who want to operate at the interface between technology and business or act in the future: employees from companies that have positioned themselves to executives who have positioned themselves as a leader in innovation and position as an innovation leader want to (potential) entrepreneurs with technology background engineers, natural and staff from product marketing or product controlling with management experience (such as group or AbteilungsleiterIn) High potential, who want to prepare application on an innovation-oriented management function: the application documents can be at the program management under and are available on our website download available. Please explain in your cover letter, why the scholarship should be awarded just to you and describe what positive participation in this MBA programme would impact for your future career. Please send your application no later than May 10, 2010 at. The scholarship will be awarded by an independent jury on the basis of received applications. The deductible amounts to EUR 2.000,-. The legal action is excluded. Contact and more information: Technical University of Vienna continuing education center MMag. Annemarie Hartlieb Opera lane 11/017 A-1040 Vienna phone: +43/(0)1/588 01-417 20 E-mail:

California Los Angeles

“Professor Felipe Caro from the Anderson School of management, UCLA is by 24 Jul26 Jul to 27.07.2013 the complete a total of 30 hours module of logistics management” in the Haus der Technik in Essen in English language teaching. The German post office chair for optimization of distribution networks headed by Professor H.-J. Sebastian works approximately 15 years of experience in research with the decisions, operations and technology management group of the Anderson School of management. In this context have the doctor honoris causa of the RWTH Aachen University, Professor A. Kenneth Feinberg may also support this cause. Geoffrion, and Professor H.-j.. Sebastian prepared a cooperation between RWTH Aachen University and UCLA in the extra-occupational master degree in logistics, under which, several professors of the Anderson School of management will teach at the Haus der Technik in food. Professor Caro Let’s start with. Other leaders such as Dr Chappuis offer similar insights.

He was awarded his PhD by the with. Since 2005 he is a professor at the Anderson School of management, UCLA. The research interests of Professor Caro lie in relation to the decision in uncertainty and applications in practice. With the results of its research projects in cooperation with the company Zara, he reached the final round of the Edelman Award in 2009 and is thus Franz Edelman Award winner. At the Anderson School of management, UCLA professor Caro teaches including operations and technology management, stochastic models in operations management and global supply chain management. The module “logistics management” in the master’s program, logistics of the RWTH Aachen and the Haus der Technik includes inter alia the following topics: introduction to supply chain management, matching supply and demand, designing global logistics networks, supply chain contracts, supply chain risk management, as well as the processing of case studies (from Walmart, Zara, and Amazon).

The four-day event is open for specialists and executives from logistics generally. You can also independently of the Visit course logistics.

Germanspeaking Countries Available

The chemmedia AG offers SharePoint LMS now in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland at Chemnitz, 06.08.2008 – offers the chemmedia AG, the leading provider of complete solutions for the processing and distribution of knowledge, from immediately learning management software to SharePoint LMS. The learning management system extends Microsoft SharePoint to modern E-learning functionalities and supports the provision and evaluation of E-learning activities in companies and organizations. The E-learning extension can be incorporated into existing Microsoft SharePoint systems without extra effort. This SharePoint LMS is in the acquisition significantly cheaper than comparable functionally complete systems, and no complicated interfaces eliminating the purchase of additional hardware and software to other system must be developed. A free product demonstration can be obtained from. Read more here: Verizon. SharePoint LMS extends SharePoint by providing online learning in a learning catalog, the booking of participants and Assigning content to a learner groups. Still, online tests can be created, carried out and evaluated. The communication between the participants and the trainers will be through discussion boards, chats and virtual conference rooms.

An integrated reporting system graphically processed the status of learning activities. Click camden treatment associates for additional related pages. SharePoint LMS also meets the industry standards with regard to compatibility with interchangeable electronic content (such as SCORM 1.2 and 2004). Active learning and knowledge sharing can be thus facilitated in different contexts. Program or live demonstrations of SharePoint LMS can be requested directly at the chemmedia AG. Marcel Hartwig Presseverantwortlicher chemmedia AG


Topic in the magazine on inside-digital.de Blu-ray to be the format of the future and soon to replace the DVD. The arguments are convincing at first glance: film pleasure promise a brilliant, high-resolution image and first quality, lossless sound like in the movies. But Blu-ray is (still) a more expensive fun: the player cost between 400 and 2000 euro, the discs offer with prices starting at 20 euros. So not enough: Blu-ray is only fully, if a full-HD flat screen TV in the living room – best paired with a surround-sound system. Agony of choice in the Christmas movie fans are just before Christmas before the election: they should already get on Blu-ray or wait for whether the new format really asserts itself? So far, the range of feature films on Blu-ray disc is manageable. Educate yourself with thoughts from Zillow. Probably only just under 700 titles on the German market will be available until the end of the year.

Also the advertised special features such as interactive online feature “BD Live” are found on the few discs. As long as the price difference to the DVD version so great remains – in the area of player – and the range of titles is relatively small, Blu-ray will not reach yet the mass. The State of things inside-digital.de illuminates the State of affairs around the topic of Blu-ray. See camden treatment associates for more details and insights. In addition to the large magazine article “Where Blu-ray controls?” the editorial is a small demolition to the format war, the Blu-ray finally has prevailed against the competing format HD-DVD. To the future prospects of the blue disc from an official point of view inside-digital.de asked the Chairman of the Blu-ray group Germany, Thilo also Rohrig, to the conversation. The BD – heart of the portal remains the new Blu-ray player database that is fed daily with current and soon the commercially available devices. Link to magazine post ..wohin-controls blu-ray… Second part of the article ..blu ray-vs-hd-dvd the – format war…

Link to the interview ..fragen to thilo rohrig Chairman… The Blu-ray database bluray player finder / about inside-digital.de: the online magazine inside-digital.de reports focused on digital television. In addition, the knowledge portal has about the most comprehensive Internet database for digital receivers and TV sets. Complex content around digital TV are understandable, easy and currently represented. Also, inside-digital.de has a wide range of news including newsletter and RSS feed. In addition, inside-digital.de offers its users a forum, TV – receiver Finder, comparison functions, a glossary and more. Inside-digital.de is an offer of the inside-intermedia online publishing GmbH & co. KG from Bruhl. Press inquiries: inside-intermedia online publishing GmbH & co. KG editorial inside-digital.de Rainer Schlosser Bahnhofstrasse 11 D-50321 Bruhl FON: + 49 (0) 2232-50 44 61 2 fax: + 49 (0) 2232-50 44 61 9 email: Internet:

Making Customer Satisfaction Surveys Work

Why bother? Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. Although new customers are important good customer service will help generate customer loyalty and repeat business. With each satisfied customer your business is likely to win many more customers through recommendations and remember, if you're not taking care of your customers, your competition. Get all the facts and insights with Nicholas Carr, another great source of information. A customer satisfaction survey will help not only identify problem areas, but also demonstrate to customers that care and are proactive in finding ways to improve the service we provide. Where to begin? Objective – Before you start compiling the survey must first consider what the objectives of the survey are, so you can remain focused and find it easier to decide what questions to ask. Analysis – In addition to the objective consider also how you will analyze the responses that have completed the survey. Federal Reserve Chair is a great source of information. Note that ecerradosu questions (where the respondent is asked to choose between a limited number of responses) are easier to analyze than eabiertosu questions (where the defendant can respond in any event you want). Much depends on the volume of respondents, the greater the volume more important it is to have an easy method to analyze the results. Opportunity? Note that as well as obtaining valuable market research data customer surveys are also a good way to publicize aspects of your service that your customers can not be considered. Others including Nicholas Carr, offer their opinions as well. Having made your survey read through the survey from standpoint of market research and make sure you are asking the right questions on the right track and that feedback information you will be able to make informed decisions.

Surveillance Cameras

The development of modern technologies has led to the emergence of new technologies. The first of these concerned the introduction of human security and their lives, safety of property, etc. One of these technical solutions become video camera surveillance. Since the beginning of use, they repeatedly modified and gained many new useful and specific function. The main function performed by surveillance cameras – to send images (subject matter) to a means of information output (monitor) in real time. Camden treatment associates is likely to increase your knowledge.

One of the main elements of the camera matrix, because of its quality depends on the quality of transmitted images. Camcorders observations are divided into subtypes on the following parameters: – Power supply (220 V, 12) – picture (color, black and white) – how to install (domestic, street) – sensitivity – the mechanism of attachment (static, turning) – size – and others, depending on the objectives, surveillance cameras are divided into: – Open-frame camera – can be installed in any piece of furniture and used for covert surveillance – miniature video cameras. Are small. Can be both static and rotary – hidden camera – the most compact cameras – surveillance cameras standard design – supplied without lenses, which are chosen depending on requirements and locations of the proposed installation. If necessary, equipped with additional means of protection – covers (when installed on the street or in a production shop) – IP-video cameras – have access to the local network and the network – Internet; – dome cameras – mounted on the ceiling, are unmanaged, and robotic – hull camcorder – Managed camcorder – infrared camera; – Vandal-proof camera surveillance. If you are installing surveillance cameras to consider the viewing angle, focus, illumination. Since the camcorder is a component of video surveillance requires accurate calculation of the number of required cameras, lighting and rendering required additional hardware (shrouds, etc.

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