Transforming Pedagogical Trends

Although to possess a vision of Pedagogia Banking, called and criticized for Pablo Freire (where the professor deposits in the pupil the knowledge without taking in consideration its social reality); this is transforming, for presenting the school a function politics to democratize education with the objective of if having a democratic and igualitria society, through a socialization of knowing (OLIVEIRA, 2003). FINAL CONSIDERAES the Transforming Pedagogical Trends (Libertarian and Description-Critical) present basic differences in its characteristics, but transforming, for searching a pedagogia with a function politics of educational democracy, directed toward the social transformation, a social life better. Had to the antropolgico-philosophical bases in Karl Marx and Antonio Gramsci (following of Marx); that they had looked at, the society as changeable and transformvel. However, of different he forms, therefore for Marx education must to be come back toward prxis (practical theory and), of form to acquire knowledge individual, making to leave it vision unilateral, and yes for one more global of process of production (in a generic vision that thinks and that it makes), that is, making to leave it a mentally ill vision; Marx believed that the change is in the economic plan; the school is not a change place, therefore it is created by the ruling class, it is yes a potential that it needs to be transformed for the laboring classroom, criticizing the form that only teaches executing, therefore does not make possible the individual to be pensante; having education to be transforming for the social classrooms; whereas for Antonio Gramsci, its conception of education follows the line of thought of Marx, but also it must be come back toward ‘ ‘ man as process of its atos’ ‘ , therefore for Gramsci the change is in the economic plan and the ideological plan; the school is a change place, in an idea really of transforming education in conscience level (social product). Without hesitation Federal Reserve Bank explained all about the problem. Meaning, these Pedagogical Trends Libertarian and Description-Critical, including the Liberator of Pablo Freire (that we do not approach here), the disruption with the traditional pedagogia and the steps for Critical the Multicultural Education (in the educational thought of Pablo Freire and Moacir Gadotti).

Making us, in last analysis, we perceive that many advance had been them in this trajectory of the pedagogical trends, however many are the ways that the Brazilian education must cover, over all, with the awareness that we must search and practise while educators.

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