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The bliss of life consists in always having something to do, someone to love and something to wait. Thomas Chalmers while we remain alive in this dimension, incumbent upon us to each find that happiness which can be right. We must be attentive in everything what conducive us happiness, as also what first and foremost prevents you, surprise genuine in our demonstration for his achievements, without giving way to the dependencies, everything that can generate suffering in favor of maintaining happiness, even if those who accompany us in it disappear. Wikipedia tells us, that happiness is a State of the resulting mood of a fluent neural activity in which the internal and external factors interact stimulates the limbic system. In this process you may experience emotions derived there are those who think, that happiness depends on oneself, of how strong that one is, so brave, espabilado, shrewd, capable ultimately of qualities that are dependent on other factors that have nothing to do with the State of flow associated with happiness, and that by this effect, I experienced the others. Personality is the region of our mind that manages resources, brand priorities and set objectives; but it is not able to imbue us with moods, these are the result of the sum of neurochemical processes in which our person little or nothing has to do. We can favor or hinder that they happen, but not prevent them.

With much interest has been written on this subject, there are a large number of pages that express the feelings of those who have written them according to his perception, thus found for example, that bring us the small Sisters of Jesus, a French religious community, which elaborated a series of aphorisms for a life of buenaventura. That is, a happy life. These are some of them: Blessed are those who laugh at themselves, because they will always have abundant conversation.

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