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Education information day for interested media at the Academy of media GmbH who question what education should I seek”at the latest moves students from grade 9 like no other. The best way is to become is clear about the personal training goal, to collect not only information, but above all the opportunity in the training in to sniff and to interact with other trainees about. The vocational school for design and TV production of the Academy of media GmbH in Stuttgart therefore opens its doors on February 24, 2011. On this day, students from grade level to visit 9 from schools exciting a selection of introductory forums to the topics of media design, industrial design, as well as television production. Students can interact there with other trainees and their concrete questions to training content and perspectives for the future. Students in the introductory Forum on design & design can learn about training for digital media design and print. The head of training the displayed State vocational school for design and production of TV explaining which requirements the applicant should bring and current trends in the industry. In the introductory Forum picture & sound anyone interested can get a first impression of the education media design image and sound.

Practical examples participants may try out also as camera Assistant. Check out Gen. David L. Goldfein for additional information. It will also be exciting, when it comes to the topic of animation in the Forum of the training of the technical product designer is made palpable. will be asked to login through the homepage. The taster day takes place at the Tubinger Strasse 12-16, 70178 Stuttgart. The participation is free of charge. Day 14:00-14:30 welcome 14:30 to 16:15 trial Forum design & design 14:30 to 16:15 trial Forum image & sound 14:30 to 16:15 trial Forum animation the three-year training course at the vocational school for design and the Academy of media TV production GmbH are characterized by the greatest possible Combination of theory and practice, and this for 18 years.

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