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Proper president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva charged in the last days the approval of the mechanism. Squid remembered that she is necessary to heat the market of credit in the Country, mainly for classrooms C, D and E. ' ' I am working to place soon in guideline in the Chamber. I must conclude the text of the project this week ' ' , it affirmed Maurcio Rands.Como is the process of votaoA voting of the project has faced controversial in the plenary assembly of the Chamber, although the disposal of the majority of the partisan leaders and the president of the House, Michel Temer (PMDB-SP), in still approving the proposal in the May month. In accordance with the text of the project, the data bases will have right to include information of any decurrent not paid obligation of law or contract, independently of authorization of the debtor. This includes the debts not paid taxes.

The consumer also I register in cadastre it will have it with negative notation if to delay the payment of the accounts of services. The text foresees that, in the case of accounts of service of continued installment, as supply of water, light, gas and telephony, the notation of insolvency in the data base will after be made 30 days of delay of the payment. Another point of the criticized project is the lack of safeguards the consumer. Currently, the consumers have obtained victory in Justice in action for pain and suffering against data bases, as the Serasa, for negative registration without prior notice, for example. The reporter, member of the house of representatives Maurcio Rands (PT-PE), did not accept the suggestion to include the necessity of evidence of the act of receiving for the consumer of this prior notice in the proposal in voting. ' ' They had argued that company would be very expensive it to notify the consumer for Acknowledgment of Act of receiving (AIR) ' ' , she justified Rands.

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