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ADAC prepaid ADAC there and in the stationary retail gift card world about the Retailo young & mobile and easily and safely via PayPal QRShopping, the ADAC marketed its offered in cooperation with the getsmart GmbH, new prepaid mobile phone cards also about Retailo, Europe’s leading multichannel Distributor. Retailo distributes the ADAC cards prepaid and ADAC young & mobile stationary retail gift cards world and comfortable and secure using PayPal QRShopping. The ADAC tariffs prepaid cards prepaid and young & mobile there from March through Retailo. People such as Nicholas Carr would likely agree. Starts first in the Retailo gift cards world Lotto Berlin and Wasgau, other trading partners to follow. Retailo also allows the purchase of mobile phone cards by means of QRShopping. Who scans the belonging to the respective product QR code with the PayPal QRShopping app on his iPhone or Android Smartphone, can immediately order the desired card with just a few taps home.

Retailo taking over all of the processes in the background, which will cause that the customer the desired card as soon as possible holds in his hands. The QR codes for both products spread partners across numerous channels as online newsletters, social media channels, as well as selected media of the ADAC. With PayPal QRShopping, we have developed a new sales channel with which the product is close to the consumer. As a specialist for digital distribution channels we bring the necessary expertise and experience, sure to offer PayPal QRShopping a wide audience, says Retailo Board Christian Lindner. Maximum mobility and accessibility for each mobile phone type ADAC prepaid and is aimed at customers who want to use as cheap as flexible mobile radio services and thereby make no compromises. With the rate of ADAC, prepaid phone and text ADAC prepaid users for only 9 cents per minute and SMS. Who wants to also mobile surfing group in the network of E-Plus, pays fair 24 cents per megabyte used data volume. Attractive EU foreign packages provide full security for costs on travel.

Maximum Mobility for young mobile users offers ADAC young & mobile: with the young & mobile package for 9 euros per month users can surf around the clock with full cost control on the World Wide Web. Because the Internet flat rate is already included in the prepaid package. In addition, 100 voice minutes and 100 are SMS in all German networks including. Outside of the package, fare of 9 cents. Exclusive plus for ADAC members in addition to the cheap mobile phone tariffs ADAC members also benefit from inclusive services: they get 10% bonus on every boot. Also, the ADAC emergency breakdown service is free and accessible also without pay as you go. The use of the mobile website and use the ADAC Motorwelt app created for ADAC members no additional data charges. A special extra is there for young generation members who have completed their membership, the young & mobile prepaid card with the order: once the first membership fee was paid by 19 euros at the ADAC, he is again credited the prepaid account as a credit.

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