Analyzing Robot

It remembers that this type of robots cannot read the text of the images or JavScript.El Analyzing Robot also optimizes the MetTags of the page Web with the correct length. 8 – It uses the tool Google Sitemap so that your pages Web they are indexed by Googlebot whenever the content of your Web is updated or years new pages Web. In addition it is an excellent method to make your friendly and compatible Web site with Google. Sitemap also is compatible with Yahoo, Bing and Ask. The majority of the times that a page is rejected by a finder or directory is because the rules basic of the finder have not been followed and the information is incomplete, a simple list of separated words by commas, capital letters, use of phrases as ” the best one, nico”. He remembers that a directory is not a section of classified announcements. Once the page Web fulfills all the previous requirements already is prepared to send it to the finders, also following a series of basic norms of shipment.

One is not due to send all the pages of the Web site. The finders have limitations in the discharges and can penalize the Web site by Spam or a massive shipment. Our recommendation is to send the main page. The finders that use Robots or Spiders to index pages Web will track and follow the connections that find in the main page and will include the rest of the pages by themselves Web. The majority of the Robots has capacity to track the Web in depth. So it is sufficient to send only the main page to the finders. The directories as he only regulates general accept a page Web by dominion but you send two or three pages (most important) to a directory using a different category are possibly accepted in another category although they belong to the same dominion.

You do not have either to send ” pages espejo” to the finders, that is to say identical pages but with different direction URL since Spam is considered. It activates WebTraffic includes an automatic data base of finders for the finders that accept automated discharges and a semiautomatic data base that includes directories in Castilian and international. In summary: is not necessary to send internal pages or subdominions you always do not send pages in construction Elige category more adapted to the content of your Web you do not use titles that are a list of key words you do not use too short or long titles, of 20 to 60 characters is more appropriate. You do not use symbols either to adorn the title. you do not use too short descriptions or long, of 150 to 200 characters it is more appropriate Utiliza the key words or short phrases in all the content of your page Web Incluye contained of interesting and excellent text. Consigue external liaisons aiming towards your main page Remembers that the position that you obtain in a motor search like Google, Yahoo or Bing will depend on how you have optimized the page Web. On the contrary, in a directory where the discharge is reviewed by a publisher, the position that you obtain in the listing of the directory will depend on the quality of the page Web and the intruducida information in the form of discharge of the directory: title and description essentially. We hope that this information is useful in promotion of your page Web.

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