Andres Irion Jobim

In contrast of what many think, when acquiring the property of real state, us we are not in investing in an absolute power on it. In the reality, in the maximum we are acquiring a good in condominium together with a infinity of others as many joint owners. For more information see this site: Nicholas Carr. who is they after all? I know that many will be surpresos with what I am affirming and will say that not, after all in the property headings its proper names consist only. He happens that the other co-owners are not necessarily human beings and at least they need registered public writing in the notary’s office of property to be owners of it. Not. They are a infinity of pertaining beings to the flora and to the fauna that already inhabits in such places he has millenia and possess the natural law from there to continue living.

Yes, therefore in any real state, we have the duty to preserve the hdricos resources, the landscape, biodiversity, the ground, as well as all the too much elements, livings creature or not, that they can make possible with that this flora and fauna continues if reproducing. Thus, if in our property or agricultural ownership we will have rivers, lakes, lagoons, springs dgua, restingas, dunes, mounts, etc, will have to respect the areas of permanent preservation, thus considered the forests and native vegetation throughout the same ones, everything with the objective to prevent assoreamentos and collapses. They are the calls ciliares bushes that allow the flow of the life. Already, if none of these item will be present in our property, still thus we will have to respect the legal reserves that are exactly those areas located in the interior of the agricultural property that are necessary to the sustainable use of the natural resources, to the conservation of the ecological processes and biodiversity, here it is that will go to give to shelter and protection to the fauna and native flora (the least while the new Code will not be approved Forest). As if it can see, that old happened conception of the Roman law according to which the property was an absolute right that granted to the proprietor the power to use, to enjoy and to abuse the good, already is surpassed since the moment where the minds more clarified and the proper bitter experiences that we had in virtue of the disrespect to the nature had limited the property right, urban how much in such a way agricultural, to the fulfilment of its social function. Today already we have the certainty of that, in the maximum, when acquiring a property, we are making this under the regimen of condominium. By the way, for who not yet account was given, us lives in a species of immense called condominium universe and must respect the rules established in the tacit conventions for it imposed, under penalty to be continued paying to higher prices each time for our disrespects. Jorge Andres Irion Jobim.

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