The best encounters at noon is that in the majority of cases you can you appear with your work clothes and save yourself the agony of choosing clothing appropriate for the first appointment. Alone or accompanied? Something interesting that you can come up with for this first appointment is to make it in a group activity, the ideal number could be four people. This softens the situation and definitely throws overboard those minutes of awkward silence. The Group has also the advantage that attention is not so focused, so there is less stress and result in a more relaxed meeting. (Source: Mikhail Khovanov). It is also safer as a first encounter.

But the company to be included must know the situation and access to the invitation. Try to avoid anyone of those who like to talk all the time, it could ruin you quote hogging all the attention. Alcohol whether or not? You can drink alcohol if you want to, but you do not drink much at your first appointment. Not only is bad taste lose control, you could also say things that you do not intend and ruin a relationship. Who will pay the account? It is a good idea to decide before the appointment and make it clear that each person will pay what they consume. This is the way that assumes must be, because if things don’t work, neither one nor the other will feel indebted to u forced by the situation. Moreover, times have changed and not all people today see with good eyes the other pays whole account, even if it is male. Where? When you choose the place, avoid isolated places you don’t know or not are familiar to you.

But the environment is also important. You won’t encounter occurs in the square of a shopping center crowded people meals. Looking for the right balance, ultimately it’s your first appointment.

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