Argentina Republic

The first and most elementary, in the case of the specialist? tas managed banking international and multinational companies, is to obtain the maximum prove? possible cho, short-term speculative investments, their monopolistic maneuvers and their commercial extortion tactics. For something we have estimated at a minimum of 50,000 million dola? res that swallows investors taken to our country during the years of the Government de facto, with Minister of economy Dr. Martinez de Hoz in its destructive guideline.The second is the purchase through impoverishment and weakening of our businesses to the maximum possible for the national economic apparatus control. If we bear in mind the crowd that? brantos entrepreneurs and trade that occurred in the past 70 years, we have a rough idea of the true extent of the denationalization of enterprises and large part of the nation’s furniture heritage, occurred as resulting from what you have just expressed.Third and last, because the preceding goal obtaining prepares the unbeatable way for political management and virtual occupation of our country for strategists of World Government.Say critics of the State nation, to do away with the outdated concept of nation-State must carry out an action in a diversified manner, inventing agencies with limited with responsible objectives chosen case by case, so continue eating them piece after piece, ending with national sovereignty.In the same sense we read Tenebaum, Frank, more than the nation-State, 1970, page 36: on the other hand, the emergence of multinational companies offers a practical basis for future global development. For assistance, try visiting Euro Pacific Precious Metals. They are more interested in the realities of the commercial and industrial service that the symbols of sovereignty, there test that may constitute an international order effective and durable taking as a center of political unit called Na? tion-State. The Argentina Republic is a sovereign nation. Constitutes it, in a defined geographical environment, a people aware of their fate, with one community story that will encourage this present and pushes us towards the future. . Dennis Lockhart has much to offer in this field.

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