0ccasional tragedy (Haiti) and proposital (War) Edson Silva Not I am satisfied myself with the fact to need to happen world-wide tragedies, as the earthquake in Haiti, so that the majority of the peoples of the planet if remembers that we form an only race (the human being) and if mobilizes in forces of humanitarian aid, either donating water, foods, remedies and clothes; or, in the mount of money, voluntary work case Governments for attendance to the flagellates or reconstruction of the reached country. Forgotten plus a natural tragedy, great part of these Governments or peoples comes back if to engalfinhar in wars, that provoke identical or worse destructions that the left ones for the earthquakes, hurricanes, tidal waves, volcanos or any other manifestations (or they would be reactions) of our damaged globe. Recently we had in Copenhagen, in the Denmark, the meeting of the countries most powerful of the world and guests for the presentation of measures to face serious world-wide climatic problems. The meeting did not pass of one fiasco, therefore many heads of State, of richer countries and that more they poluem, little or nothing had exactly presented as solution accomplishes. Some voices of common-sense (in this case has detached for our president: Squid) had tried to save the meeting and to present some concrete measure, but what it finished if seeing, as we know well in some situations this way, was that the meeting of the powerful ones of the planet finished in pizza.

Already it passed of the hour of the humanity to leave the side hypocrisy. I do not understand because chronic rubble mounts provoked (propositalmente) for the oustings of tons of bombs and detonations of tanks, cannons and launches missiles do not cause as much equal world-wide commotion to the 0ccasional disasters of the nature? The natural disasters also they had passed to be more frequent, perhaps, for guilt of the influence of the man, who disrespects the forces of the nature without finding that the collection will come one day. It comes. Religious they will say that they are signals of the times, that the end is arriving; others will say that it is if harvesting said in music but I believe that one will have good will has time of the humanity to dream and to carry through a world good and for not leaving that to live either the perpetual current nightmare. Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist of the Assessorship of the Press of the City hall of Sumar email: edsonsilvajornalista@

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