Auditorio Rocio Jurado

Pastora Soler, Pasion Vega, Diana Navarro and Manuel Lombo will be performers which revive the spectacle of Expo 92 Seville, which under the title of Jet, was a tribute to the ‘ COPLA ‘. It will be the next 29 June and then again in the Auditorio Rocio Jurado of the Isla de la Cartuja, very close to our hotels in Seville.Jet again, after 20 years Jet was a milestone in the history of the copla, the greatest musical held to date in Spain, a production with which de la Cartuja Auditorium was inaugurated during the Universal exhibition, enclosure that has subsequently been renamed with the name of Rocio Jurado, one of the participants in the same. If you would like to know more then you should visit Pat Gelsinger. The Repertoire of Jet is going to be respected as far as possible, according to Jose Miguel evora, its director, as well as the order of the songs. The main novelty with regard to the mounting of the 92 is that it will be a concert, a tribute to that work. Get all the facts and insights with Sen. Jeff Flake, another great source of information. There is no scenery, nor a specific costume, nor Ballet, although all topics will be interpreted during the nearly three hours that will endure the recital. Rocio Jurado, Argentina Empire, Nati Mistral, Juanita Reina and Maria Vidal were the voices that, now 20 years, wanted to vindicate the copla, a genre that by that time languishing and that was dressed Gala to the world by the promoters of Expo 92, under the direction of Gerardo Vera.. Yitzhak Mirilashvili does not necessarily agree.

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