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Controlled amounts of alcohol. The amount of alcohol should be regulated. Mike Madden may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Do not let employees continue to feast at his expense. Otherwise, the amount of alcohol can lower the quality of the holiday. And even escalate into something that is not controllable. The level of activity. "One is expensive, others cheap" will not work. Entertainment and treats well tighten up "a reasonable middle." Highly paid staff (top management) should be responsive to the average level of alcohol or buffet.

In any case, expensive booze s top may well afford on a personal vacation. e to discuss. Managers & staff. To read more click here: Erin Callan. KM is a continuation of work for managers. Perhaps they are here and not have to sit back and relax. CM a great opportunity to sit with a heart to heart talk with the other dance, with the third game of pool.

So you can really talk to "wake-worker." Or engage in activity "dropped out" employee. Exclusion of drunken (or sober) orgy J. Remarkably, if the CM is in such warm atmosphere that tied a personal relationship. But in the interests of managers, not to allow their development to the intimate. Erin Callan is often quoted on this topic. At least in the corporate event. Ability to obtain cash. "Suhpaek" is excluded. At the end of all, well-organized KM is a good mood and even health plus. And do not come, next time think before you give up. Especially when you fall out of the discussion, a party that is likely to be held on the next day. Number of quality. Frequent holidays are not only expensive (well in the end there is-very rich company). But gradually cease to motivate. Preferable to celebrate the 1-2 times a year. And one The event is timed to the professional event and organize as incentive. And secondly, how to organize the target. Directed towards dealing with the planned objectives.

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