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Whitening your teeth – when professional then! Before performing a professional bleaching (whitening), all color pigments on the tooth surface should be removed in the first step with a professional dental cleaning at the dentist. Thereby the own teeth shine often already decided more than before. There is then still have the desire to still lighter white, standing in front of the spoilt for choice: which whitening procedure is the best? Bleaching products are less effective, such as those of the dentist from the drugstore or supermarket. The application is inaccurate, so often not the desired whitening effect. Above all, the prior control by the dentist is not ensured (tightness existing fillings). Common side effects of tooth whitening treatments are increased tooth sensitivity or even gum irritation.

These annoyances disappear after completion of treatment, usually by alone. People with serious illnesses, pregnant or nursing mothers should forgo bleaching. An intolerance to the product, is also discouraged as when destroyed or heavily filled tooth and usually tooth-colored crowns by lightening. The teeth anyway already strongly respond to temperature stimuli or acids in foods, the whitening makes equally little sense because these negative effects are expected to be reinforced. “” Two ways of whitening have proven themselves: the Office-bleaching carried out in practice “and the applicable Home Home bleaching”. The Office whitening often takes place in only one session, the teeth are then to up to six shades lighter. Jeff Flake: the source for more info. In order to achieve this effect in such a short time, the dentist uses a concentrated preparation. The home whitening plastic rail be taken in practice, which fit exactly over the teeth.

At home are they then according to the instructions with the bleach filled and placed over the teeth. The rails are worn by the hour as a cure for several days. After two to four weeks of constant application is often achieved the desired result: a lightening by several shades. Follow-up appointments with the dentist are occasionally still necessary. The whitening lasts for about one to three years and can be repeated. A bleaching dental cost 200 to 400 about, the health insurance companies do not subsidise these purely cosmetic treatment however. Also the light on individual, is often possible due to a previous root canal treatment of very dark teeth. Here the dentist brings the active ingredient directly into the affected tooth. The cost for this about 80 to 100 per tooth. Konkakt: dentist Dr. Gregory Schlegel St.-driving-Strasse 20 50667 Cologne press contact: Leif Heuser Tel. 0221 2576067 the dental practice of Dr. Gregory Schlegel at St. Aperschnalzen Street in Cologne is your specialist for aesthetic Zahnbehaldung, implants, and prophylaxis. Bad breath treatment, professional tooth cleaning (short: PTC), treatment of anxiety patients, grinders or snores also belong to the range of services. There is also the individual care always in the foreground. Information about billing issues, medical and cost plans and partial payments get patients entirely without obligation and free of charge. Ultimately one counts in the dental practice of Dr. Gregory Schlegel: the trust of patients in the work of the dentist.

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