So, for now the trend is scheduled to include a gps navigator features such as the preservation of memory cards and the subsequent viewing photos, as well as a variety of virtual dictionaries, tutorials and guides, MP3-player. Separately, it should be said about a zoom function that lets you not only see the tiniest details in the photo, but also to analyze the area where you now are as a whole, and individual streets, roads and turns. Some models may contain a wireless, Bluetooth, for example, allowing the device to load into memory (increasing more and more of the same model line to a new, must see) the information you need. Moreover, a modern car navigator can contain more and currency converters, unit converters, display the current time in your hometown. Where is it out, and the time to look at the display behind the wheel you will not be the voice announcement of names cities, streets, always will help you. The obvious advantage is the provision gps navigators powerful speakers that allow you to hear the information, even if if is a lot of noise around.

The expanded list – this is without doubt, a considerable advantage, which may influence the choice of navigator for the car. But no need to rely on a long list of options, one way or the other model. Need to remember that special importance in the selection of Navigator certainly should have reliability and quality of the product you are. Remember that in our domestic market offered the device by a variety of firms. Garmin, for example – one of the recognized leaders in the market production and sale of navigators. There are currently manufactured by navigators for air, water, motor and motor vehicles, as well as for tourists and sportsmen. And, characteristically, the Garmin models often differ from their analogs is an expanded set of options (and particularly the latter model lineup – Nuvi), which undoubtedly will influence the decision in selecting and purchasing the navigator gps.

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