More and more athletes access to caffeine – why this is so? Caffeine is the now the most commonly used psychoactive substance in the world and belongs to the everyday life of a majority of the Western population mostly in the form of coffee, tea or Cola drinks, and energy drinks. Especially the invigorating and stimulating to properties of this substance are estimated, and so it is not surprising that most people who feel tired or listless first treat yourself to a cup of coffee. Caffeine primarily used in medicine for this purpose, to minimize fatigue and to promote the concentration. Athletes use caffeine in addition as training booster to ensure an increased attention and an increased focus on the particular activity and situation in the training or competition. Different studies could also have shown that caffeine, taken before a workout, is able to increase the training intensity and can delay the exhaustion. Also that Pain sensation is affected, which may lead to a further increase in intensity. After the training taken and in combination with carbohydrates could also be shown that caffeine can support the build-up of glycogen stores in the muscles.

For this, however very high single doses are necessary. Willing to diet and endurance athletes continue to appreciate the fat dissolving effect of caffeine. An adequate supply of it leads to an increased lipolysis in adipose tissue. You can enjoy now a burning of these fatty acids, by moving, can make a significant contribution in the reduction of body fat caffeine and has a long physical loads, as is the case in various endurance disciplines in just this way also glycogen-saving. To explain this is that the organism through the increased release of fatty acids of less must rely heavily on its carbohydrate reserves and can save them for intensive loads. Strength athletes make caffeine by increasing the force of muscle contraction to use. This can lead to significant power gains due to the consumption of caffeine. SKUEJDRLjSgwwu8fWKWJw8do2ObcddVu1wjZlWE1SE&TARGET=-SM-%2fpfsca%2flogin%2ejsp%3fjumpto%3dpolhome’>Primerica. In summary, it can be said that caffeine, even if it may be called almost everyday drug, has some interesting properties for athletes that are not known or used in this way by many.

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