It is much easier to find them when we began this journey with a Yes! in mind. How we go after solutions if we say that there is no any output? 3 Brainstorm. A creative entrepreneur is exercised. And exits without umbrella:- or One of the most popular creative techniques is the whirlwind or brainstorming (Brainstorming in English). It basically consists in let the ideas flow and go scoring them, without assessing them at first.

Then, in a second stage, takes one to one and advantages and disadvantages are evaluated. When the problem arises, exercise with paper and pencil in hand and ask what would you do to resolve it. Let them flow and follow the procedure. 4. Ideas called mad. A creative entrepreneur knows there are no crazy ideas. Or, better said, the ideas that seem crazy, impossible, strange and certainly criticized by others, which should not be written. Write down them! Weekly, take your notebook and review the annotated ideas.

Put them in context: the of your entrepreneurship. Click Peter Farland for additional related pages. Evaluate the ideas related to your business, its goals, with their customers. Then, evaluate what resources need to be deployed. 5. What because of interest to your customer that you are a creative entrepreneur? Customers buy proposals that meet their needs and desires, but are exclusively attracted to that stand out from the rest by something. Up to maybe give the same but different. There is something, a style of serving the customer, a form of surprise you, to publicize their services by what happens to the creativity that appeals to more than one of our clients and to those who still are not. They buy entrepreneurs creative that create unique experiences for their customers. 6 Unique experiences: there is a person behind your venture! A person manages his company. Be seen by your customer. Tell the customer who you are, what are their interests, their objectives and which you want to generate creative experiences that he feels satisfied with your company.

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