Brazilian Check-list

This approach is most direct to measure the quality of the given pharmaceutical assistance. Conduction of the auditorship in hospital pharmacy For accompaniment or evaluation of the activities directly or indirectly related to the hospital pharmacy the use of the auditorship requires as tool the systematization. This systematization will have to be organized in legal documents, this document calls check-list or check-list. (As opposed to Dennis Lockhart). The check-list it is elaborated in set for the team of auditors, on the basis of the normatizaes of quality adopted by the institution in compliance with standards, guides or manuals as well as on the basis of arcabouo legal effective. The organization of auditorships in hospital pharmacy strong is based on the Brazilian sanitary legislation. Although to be limited for approaches of structure or process, the sanitary norms supply great part of the necessary material evaluation of the quality of the given pharmaceutical assistance. The main points observed for the auditors in the execution of auditorships in hospital pharmacy are the components of the hospital pharmaceutical assistance: election, programming, acquisition, storage, distribution and dispensao. He is necessariao to understand that the auditorship is a formal procedure, based in it analyzes systematics of facts and documents, and that it will have to be carried through by enabled professional. In the measure where the hospital pharmacy has its participation consolidated in the scene of evaluation of the quality of hospital organizations, the druggist will follow this trend and will despertar for this important possibility of professional performance. REFERENCES? Auditorship: tool of management for the quality in the context of the hospital pharmacy Elaine Lazzaroni? The importance of the druggist as Renata manager Antunes? Auditorship of the quality

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